2021: Blonde Cobra #4

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    SEDUCTION: THE CRUEL WOMAN (Verführung: Die grausame Frau), Monika Treut & Elfi Mikesch, D 1985, 84’, german OV

    Wanda, the heroine of ”Seduction: The Cruel Woman,” goes around smashing sexual stereotypes and social taboos with icy self-possession and a mysteriously satisfied smile. A businesswoman as well as a dominatrix, Wanda purrs at a male journalist who has come to interview her about the opening of her new ”gallery,” where flesh is whipped in public performances and private, slavish fantasies are fulfilled...

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    The mirror ERISED reveals a burning desire. Its reflection unveils our deepest fears, inner conflicts and temptations. We feel attracted and repelled. The mirror manifests a magical threshold of the different layers of reality, making us pass between perception and illusion, the documentary and the staged...

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    ‘Ebb and flow’ is inspired by the I-Ching, the book of change, Chapter 42 – Yi (Increase). Yi is a message about expansion and fullness. It is simply another cycle of life as it flowers, decays, and achieves rebirth. Ebb and flow, darkness and light, life and death… ‘What is’ springs from ‘what is not. The end of the world is also the beginning of something new. Lichun and Robert use 16mm film projectors and analog generated waveforms to create an immersive, trance-inducing journey. Through layering, constructing, and deconstructing visual and auditory textures they strive for a sense transcending experience where the spectator is no longer consciously watching nor listening. Just being...

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    You can be in two places at the same time: Dive with us into the realm of dreams and into the deepest ocean. Follow us to the underworld, we will guide you to the darkest crypt. States of trance will lead you to meditative loneliness. We don’t have logical explanations for everything, but we know that everyone’s life is special and unique...

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    A program about hopes and desires, isolation and community and the question: How does our social background define us...

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    “I am not a man. I am not a woman. I am not heterosexual. I am not homosexual. I am not bisexual. I am a dissident of the gender-sex binary system. I am the multiplicity of the cosmos trapped in a binary political and epistemological system, shouting in front of you. I am a uranist confined inside the limits of technoscientific capitalism.” In the program „Alienated Futures“ the recent short film THE FAMILIAR by Julian Quentin meets queer classic GENDERNAUTS by famous queerfeminist filmmaker Monika Treut...

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    Kidnapped by a leatherdyke we set off into the desert of L.A. Passing a remote cruising site, polishing varnish in plushy outifts, moaning with the sounds of engines, flirting with snails and refreshing in body liquids. This program is about fucking and frolicking, indulging in audiovisual perversions. Outstanding hostess of the night is Kamala Dubrovnik, charming us with her hypnotic voice and words...

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