2020: Blonde Cobra #3 Special

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BLONDE COBRA presents Music Documentary by Yony Leyser QUEERCORE: HOW TO PUNK A REVOLUTION (D 2017, 83’, OmU, FSK16). Director Yony Leyser will be present for the screening.
Dissatisfaction with “bourgeois” aspects of the gay rights movement and machismo in the 1980s punk scene triggered the emergence of a movement known as queercore, a portmanteau of queer and hardcore. Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution documents the development of this anarchistic, alternative punk/gay culture. It embraced the DIY attitude of punk: making fanzines, distributing your own records, inventing and expressing your own aesthetic, and addressing revolutionary gay politics in homemade magazines and experimental films. Aside from being supremely informative about the rise of the homocore movement, which continues today in various forms, Leyser’s film raises an interesting question about assimilation: should it be the ultimate goal for queer people?
The film casts Bruce LaBruce, G.B. Jones, Lynn Breedlove, Pansy Division, Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, Tom Jennings, Beth Ditto and many more.