Yann Gonzalez

DATE: DeCeMber 8th, 7 pm.

Short film programme and talk with french filmmaker Yann Gonzalez

We stand poised to be taken out of the city, venturing into the boundless sea and the eternal night, to never return.
Embarking on the misty roads, we meander through cloudy streets, we dance through the shadows, encountering lovers, enemies, icons, monsters, and friends. Let us hum the melodies of our souls.


About: Yann Gonzalez

“I have always been moved by the truth that emanates from films through artifice. Cinema is first and foremost artificial, that needs to be accepted, we shouldn’t go through a picture of reality. Playing with artifice is a good way to avoid bias, to be frank with the viewer. They have the right to follow you or not, but knowing where they stand.”

Yann Gon­za­lez, born in 1977 in Nice, is an artist, filmmaker, writer, director and producer. He direct­ed six short films between 2006 and 2012: By the KissInter­mis­sion and I Hate You Lit­tle Girls, all three select­ed at Direc­tors’ Fort­night; fol­lowed by The Black StarsWe Will Nev­er Be Alone Again and Land of My Dreams. His first fea­ture film You and the Night was pre­sent­ed at the 2013 Crit­ics’ Week. In 2017, he won the Queer Palm for his short film Les Îles. His sec­ond fea­ture film, Knife+Heart played in com­pe­ti­tion at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The band M83, with Yann’s brother Anthony Gonzalez as front man, wrote the music for You and the Night and Knife + Heart (2018). Gonzalez’s work is a surreal blend of neon lights, nocturnal vibes and queer characters.


LES ASTRES NOIRS / THREE CELESTIAL BODIES, 15′, French, engl. subtitles

Macha, Nathan, and Walter leave their high school for the day. A young man is waiting for them, ready to take them out of the city, to the sea, into a night from which they may never return.

LAND OF MY DREAMS, 20′, French, engl. subtitles

After many years apart, Bianca and her mother meet again in the streets of Porto. Together, they hit the road with their stripping show, running after lost time, impossible love, and strange fantasies.

JULIEN PEREZ: LES VACANCES CONTINUENT (Music video), 4′, no dialogue

Rose, a mysterious young woman wanders through the darkest streets of the city. We follow her strange encounters as she fills her fierce appetite for revenge. Is it Sex? Love? Or Blood… that makes her lose herself in such a grotesque overstatement of violence and gore? Shot on 16mm with two cameras.


A party, at night. Teenagers dance and love each other as if it was the first and last time.

FOU DE BASSAN, 4′, no dialogue

Dead city. Foggy night. A saxophone is playing. Lust is lurking.

HIDEOUS, 22′, English, no subtitles

Musician Oliver Sim is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame, and blood. A three-part musical short with songs from Oliver Sim’s album Hideous Bastard that explores growing up as a queer boy living with HIV.


Program lenght: 85 min

Language: The moderation and talk will be held in English spoken language.

Content Notes: Corpses, topic of suicide, cat calling, striptease, fake blood, slasher, body horror, violence, zombies, nakedness, knives, monsters


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